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Learn a little bit more about the difference between traditional & modern pergola styles to ensure you’re confident in your choice!

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The world is taking a shift towards sleek, minimalist and more practical design of products and living spaces. Our modern pergola structures are just that, simple, yet impactful shade applications that are ultimately beautiful. This sharp design usually features flat or angled ends and hidden fasteners to maintain a clean look. Stretched fabric, inlaid lighting, slat walls, polycarbonate or solar panel toppers, etc., are all ways we are seeing the traditional pergola transform into the modern environment. Beams are offered in a standard color pallet, however custom coloring is available to help adapt to your desired space. Two-tone designs are often sought for and are available as well. 

Modern Pergolas 

Modern style pergola systems offer a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, making them a desirable addition to any outdoor space. Their sleek design and clean lines complement contemporary architecture, creating a visually appealing focal point in gardens, patios or rooftop terraces. Built-in lighting and motorized systems help ensure comfort and enjoyment throughout the seasons. 

Fixed Pergola at Business Entryway

Traditional Pergolas 

The concept of shading oneself from the hot sun is as old as time itself, and the first traces of a pergola design can be traced all the way to the ancient Egyptians. No, we won’t make your structure out of clay and mud, however we can use modern materials to create a traditional style pergola. Often sold in a white finish, the traditional design showcases more slats on top of the structure to mimic the look of lattice. Synthetic scrolled ends are available. Wood grain finishes are also available to replicate the look of real wood without the maintenance of repainting year after year. 

Custom & Hybrid Pergolas

Our relationships with several premier building product suppliers allows us to mix-and-match to create a truly unique structure that is form fit to your project. As shown above, synthetic columns and scrolled ends encase a motored aluminum roof that opens and closes at the touch of a button. This more traditional exterior design was intended to match the red brick and white accents on this older colonial home, while granting the user beneath the power of the modern age. 

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