Louvered Roof System

The precise design incorporated into a Vizor Pergola System not only provides that traditional application of shade for a desired area but truly puts the power to change your environment into the palm of your hand.

Aluminum Pergola Systems

Our company primarily builds using aluminum parts and for good reason. Here are some of the reasons this is our material of choice; aluminum can be powder coated virtually any color. It’s strong but light weight and is ultimately cost effective in comparison to other materials that can mimic its function. It is also built to last and requires minor maintenance. It is because of these reasons, as well as many others, that we have carefully chosen aluminum parts for our louvered roofs, fixed pergolas, slat walls & more!

Louvered Roof System

Open the louvers to allow wind to pass through. Cooling down the space beneath the structure.

Fixed Pergolas

Maximize custom capabilities and grant shade in high volume spaces.

Slat Walls / Partitions / Fencing 

Stylize a space, create pathways and grant privacy between areas.

Ask about Day Bed Kits!

Day bed kits combine comfortable lounge seating and a pergola all into one unit. Sold in a variety of sizes and color options, this DIY Kit solution is appropriate for any outdoor entertainment space!

Louvered Roof Systems

Our Louvered Roof System truly covers all the bases. With a wide array of finishes, including color and framing style, the louvered roof system is an optimal choice for shade. When open, the structure acts as a normal pergola, providing partial shade beneath. Functionality is where this product takes one step above your standard pergola. With rain in the forecast or if the direct sunlight is just too much, completely close the louvers above with the touch of a button. Any rain water built up atop the structure is ran through an inlaid gutter system and out of a single post. Keeping the area beneath dry and in-use, even during inclement weather!

Fixed Pergolas 

A “fixed” pergola is static and is the ideal shade aesthetic. Functional and beautiful, sold in a variety of colors and ultimately customizable, the fixed pergola allows us cater towards different spans, shapes and sizes most effectively. The shade beneath the structure is a representation of the beams above, static structures often feature an abundance of slats, to achieve more coverage for users beneath. A similar goal could be achieved by mounting a stretched fabric between beams or weaved throughout. 

Ask your salesmen about what options are available to you! 

Slat Walls/ Partitions / Fencing

Sold in spaced or solid sections, these decorative panels are the perfect application to grant privacy, line pathways and protect your yard. Often featured within our pergolas, they too can be powder coated a variety of colors, including wood grain, making them the perfect long lasting fence application.

Interior Decoration

If you’re creating an indoor accent to divide a space or decorate a ceiling, our aluminum beams are the perfect fit. Cut and colored to your specifications, interior privacy panels, plant boxes, hanging accent pieces and more can be found right here at Vizor. Note the pergola accent piece featured above the bar in the picture below. This aesthetical element is unique and memorable and helps opens the door to a large quantity of patrons that are in search of an dining experience, just as much as they are the meal!


Fans, Lights, Heaters & More

Enhancing your pergola with accessories such as lights, fans, heaters, and more can transform your outdoor space into a versatile haven for year-round enjoyment. Light options not only extend your evening gatherings but also create a warm, inviting ambiance. Fans provide a refreshing breeze during hot summer days, ensuring comfort and relaxation. Heaters make your pergola a coy retreat even in cooler months, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors regardless of the weather. These additions elevate both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your pergola, making it a perfect place for entertaining guests or enjoying peaceful moments with family. Invest in these accessories to maximize your pergola’s potential, creating a truly personalized outdoor experience.

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